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http://www.peckpeterson.com Employment discrimination based on pregnancy, race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, disability, national origin or age--it's all against the law. Do you have a case against your employer in one of these areas? Sometimes it's hard to know without consulting an attorney. And what's interesting is, consulting an attorney might give you perspective you never anticipated. 

At Peck Peterson LLP. Lisa Peck, Alex Peterson and Jaqualin Peterson are dedicated to employee rights law with a passion that might seem unusual in this day and age. But they do indeed take each case personally and with a vested interest in seeing justice done. Peck Peterson LLP is committed to protecting individuals and employees in safeguarding their civil rights--and they do so as co-counsel for law firms from coast to coast. Peck Peterson fights for the individual's right to be free of workplace discrimination; harassment; retaliation; and unlawful bias in the hiring, terms, conditions and benefits of employment. In the case of co-counsel, they bring experience and perspective to your employment law case. For more information, feel free to visit http://www.peckpeterson.com 


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